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Powerflare LED safety lights

The Poweflare LED caution lights are all-purpose signal lights that can be used fast and easily in various emergency situations. An uncomplicated and fast marking with the Powerflare LED is essential for the safety of people who are involved in dangerous situations and also for the ambulance. The caution lights have a wide range of use due to their compact size (Ø 10,5 cm, height: ~3,5cm) and the strongly sticking Neodym magnet. The useful LED caution light can indicate dangerous areas everywhere it is necessary. Besides the robust body, which even can endure pressures over 1000kg, it is the LED technology that is the reason for its success. 16 extra bright LED lights provide the Powerflare caution light with high light intensity and visibility on a high range. By daylight the Powerflare can be seen from 300m, and 800m at night. The Powerflare LED light is water resistant and floats on the water surface, so it is a useful tool for divers and skippers aswell. Over the water, the caution light is visible from stunning range of 15km. The performance package by Powerflare is convincing. The LED caution light can be used either with an easy exchangeable battery or with a Powerflare rechargeable battery (included recharger).

The Powerflare LED - high performance and easy to handle

While the LED is in the "flashing slowly" mode, the rechargeable battery lasts up to 50 hours. The exchangeable battery reaches a duration of 95 hours. In the "rotation mode" the exchangeable Battery lasts for full 10 hours, the rechargeable battery reaches a duration of 1,5 hours. This performance is the reason why Powerflare LED caution lights are being a helpful tool that is used by ambulances, aswell as water police. The handling of the LED caution light is very easy. The different operational modes can be switched easily by pressing the On/Off button on the surface of the caution light. There is additonal equipment for the Powerflare LED caution light. The "Powerflare sets" find their use by providing safety for bigger scenes of accident or by being used to lay a safety light line. The Powerflare LED is easily reachable in its convenient transporting bag. Even more convinient and functional is only the "Powerflare Suitcase". It has space for up to 6 of the useful helpers, which can be carried and also recharged in it. The LED caution light is deployed in a charging slot and can be charged directly inside the suitcase either with 12 or 220V.

The safety-tool Powerflare LED caution light: A useful, helpful and innovative invention that can perform essential service of safety in various emergency situations.

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